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Version 3.0.0 Posted Apr 18, 2014

Thank you for all the valuable reviews/ ratings, feedbacks and suggestions. It is because of your continued support & feedbacks that we are able to improve and pack in more features into our app. And yes, for those who asked for more FREE contents, we have now increased a lot more FREE contents than since we started. Keep your reviews/ratings and feedbacks coming!
Summary of changes :
• Added 3 more learning languages (Arabic, Portuguese and Cantonese)
• Added audio speed control - now you can choose to playback the voice audio at a lower speed to further enhance your language acquisition!
• Added copy and paste feature - at the Search page, simply tap and hold at the cell containing the texts and select "copy"
• Added favorite list feature - at the Search page, simply tap at the "star" icon and the word will be saved into the favorite list. Tap again to remove it from the favorite list.
• Minor bug fixes

Version 2.2.0 Posted Mar 25, 2014

• Localization support for 6 more languages : Arabic, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Chinese (Traditional) and Malay
• Improved handling of contents download for "Full version" in-app purchases
• Updated "Calendar 1-Calendar Basics 1" and "Calendar2-Reference in Year" photos
• Corrected Japanese audio for "Basic Conversation 2 - Introduction 2"
• Fixed missing audios in Indonesian ("77deg F") and Japanese ("Cashier") language products
• Fixed all incorrect phonetic texts in Spanish, Thai, Korean and Indonesian language products
• Minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.1 Posted Nov 27, 2013

• Fixed cut-off prompt text in learn page for French & German version
• Fixed missing audio for "neighbor" for learn Indonesian product 

Version 2.1.0 Posted Nov 14, 2013

• Added 4 native languages support (Japanese, Korea, Spanish & Thai)

Version 2.0.0 Posted Nov 05, 2013

2nd Generation Learn&Play Language Learning Product
• Supports both iOS6 & iOS7
• Supports iPad
• More free content !
• Learn many languages in a single app (currently provides 9 languages to learn)
• Able to change your native language (currently supports 5)
• Brand new topic & section quizzes for added fun & excitement
• Record & playback to compare with native recording for enhanced language acquisition
• Added in-app purchases
• Added Facebook link
• New app icon
• Updated screenshots

Version 1.3.2 Posted Mar 19, 2013

• Added User Guide and it will launch when user uses App for the first time
• Replaced "Release Notes" with "User Guide" in Info page
• "Review" in Info page now brings user directly to the App's User Review page in App Store
• "App Store" in Info page now list all our Apps in App Store
• App name & version details will be inserted into both support & feedback emails
• Removed Audio ON/OFF button at Learn & Play pages
• Revision of Quick Start contents to 30 most-used words
• Minor bug fixes
• Added alerts during certain intervals of App usage
• App Store screenshot update

Version 1.2.1 Posted Feb 15, 2013

• Enhancement to display of texts and phonetic romantizations for words/phrases with more than one pronunciation
• User prompt at Learn and Play startup screen is now localized
• App Store screenshot update
• Supports iOS 6.1

Version 1.0.1 Posted Jan 19, 2013

• First Release

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